Appointment Setting

Is finding new prospects to generate new business the best use of your time? Is it your best skill?

For an experienced professional with an established presence in your industry, frankly, your time is best spent engaging business owners and key decision-makers that need the services you offer, not chasing down leads and making cold calls.The PT Services Group - Appointment Setting

Appointment setting connects you with prospects that are interested in talking with a financial services or insurance industry professional about the services that you offer. These are potential customers that meet your target criteria and have agreed to meet with you. Also, the appointments that we set are exclusive by list and by call-type.

We offer the following appointment setting programs:

We provide each client with a customized on-boarding process, during which time we discuss, in great depth, a client’s unique needs and concerns. This discussion forms the foundation for our storyboard building process, enabling our team to tell your story to prospects in a way that is engaging and compelling while also accurately reflecting your business goals and values. This is how we set the appointment when your competitors can’t even get a phone call.

To prepare you to capitalize on this unique business opportunity, we provide Sandler Sales Coaching with the intent of helping you to increase your success ratio in setting second appointments, helping you to close more business, more efficiently. To learn more about what we teach and how it connects with The PT Services Group visit the Sandler Sales Coaching section.

Connect with us or contact John Pojeta (412-291-6685), our VP of Business Development, to find out how appointment setting can improve your business.