Financial Advisors

The Financial Advisors who come to The PT Services Group tend to specialize in qualified plans, executive compensation, or business succession, but they look beyond their niche to the bigger picture and work to establish long-term relationships with their clients.

They believe that their clients, after benefiting from their expertise and experience in one area, will use their services to optimize the other areas of their businesses. In this way, the specialty program is like cracking a door, a door that eventually opens to reveal a variety of new business opportunities.

Whether The PT Services Group is helping a Financial Advisor by setting appointments or by generating business intelligence, the power of those niches—qualified plans, executive compensation, business succession—drives the new business engine that we create.

Many business owners are struggling to adopt 401(k) and qualified plans that are both good for business and for employees, especially in light of a rapidly changing economy, creating an immediate need for a Financial Advisor. Executive compensation, an ever-evolving landscape of tax laws and regulations, is another area where business owners need a Financial Advisor to help them steer their business away from pitfalls and into tax breaks and efficiency.

Business succession is a challenge that business owners will inevitably face. They have to, at some point, consider the best way to transition their business, whether they are passing it on to family, key business associates, or outside buyers. Financial Advisors are essential to ensuring that this process is handled properly, protecting the interests of the original business owner and the financial integrity of the business.

To learn more about how we can help you meet new prospects and grow your business, please contact us directly or explore our appointment setting, business intelligence, and data collection programs.