Insurance Professionals

At The PT Services Group, we lay the groundwork for the exponential growth and high-quality opportunities that Insurance Professionals are looking for by setting appointments or by providing actionable business intelligence.

We recognize that Insurance Professionals offer a variety of specialties—executive compensation, life insurance, business succession, life insurance, property and casualty coverage—so we design our programs to highlight the unique expertise that you can offer a business owner or decision maker.

With the increases in competition and in economic uncertainty, business owners are concerned about managing costs and protecting investments. While these owners are experts in their fields, most recognize that they lack the knowledge necessary to make wise coverage selections, but they are only willing to defer to the expertise of an Insurance Professional that they feel they can trust. For the Insurance Professionals using our appointment setting programs, we position them as the solution to the challenges that they face, the provider of a product that can substantially benefit a business. For the Insurance Professionals using our business intelligence programs, we identify businesses that could benefit from their services.

To learn more about how we can help you meet new prospects and grow your business, please connect with us, or explore our appointment setting, business intelligence, and data collection programs.