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Is finding new prospects to generate new business the best use of your time? Is lead generation your best skill? Frankly, for an experienced professional with an established presence in your industry, your time is best spent engaging business owners and key decision makers that need the services you offer, not chasing down leads and making cold calls.

Appointment setting goes beyond traditional telemarketing and connects you with prospects that are interested in talking with an industry professional about the services you offer. These prospects meet your target criteria and have agreed to meet with you. All PT appointments are exclusive by list and by call-type.

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The PT Services Group - Appointment Setting - Benefits Advisors

Benefits Advisors

Though the future may be unclear for the ACA and the healthcare industry as a whole, the demand for insurance professionals who can address the needs of a business today and tomorrow has created a unique springboard for growth potential.

Financial Advisors/RIAs

Our financial advisor clients tend to specialize in qualified plans, executive compensation, or business succession, but they look beyond their niche to the bigger picture and use one specialty to crack the door to a variety of new business opportunities.

The PT Services Group - Appointment Setting - Financial Advisors
The PT Services Group - Appointment Setting - Insurance Professionals

Insurance Professionals

We recognize that you may offer a variety of specialties—executive compensation, life insurance, business succession, property and casualty coverage—so we design our programs to highlight your unique expertise.

Managed Services Providers

The ultra-competitive nature of the MSP space means that most high-value clients already have an MSP solution. These lucrative prospects are unlikely to enter your sales funnel through traditional channels, but we can reach them for you.

The PT Services Group - Appointment Setting - Managed Service Providers

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