B2B Appointment Setting

Imagine what having 3-4 good conversations a month with new, highly-qualified prospects could do to grow your business.

Most people are good at finding new business through traditional methods such as referrals and center of influence introductions. If you are interested in attracting new lifeblood to your business, new introductions are needed to supplement your current methods.

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Less is more approach

We focus on a less is more approach. We uncover prospects that are clear on why they are engaging with you, and they meet a qualification standard.

Right fit for you

We don’t concentrate on volume; we do zero-in on finding prospects that are a right fit for you.

Qualified or highly qualified

Clients hire us not just to set appointments, but to vet those appointments. 85% of the conversations that we set for you we expect you to rate as qualified or highly qualified.

Our services make sense

There are many reasons why our services make sense. We frequently hear from our clients that they aren’t interested in being great at marketing – they just want to focus on providing great advice and insight into their clientele.

Help set appointments

We also hear regularly from clients that they don’t have the time or don’t feel particularly skilled at setting appointments. Let us help you over those humps!

The PT Services Group is a client success organization. Providing appointments that you feel good about is not enough. We specialize in helping our clients tell their own story, with their own tone and culture. We share best practices, we collaborate with a sales coach to prepare you for the appointments being set, and we participate in quarterly sales management conversations to ensure that together we are defining and meeting your requirements for success.


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The PT Services Group - Appointment Setting - Benefits Advisors

Benefits Advisors

Though the future may be unclear for the ACA and the healthcare industry as a whole, the demand for insurance professionals who can address the needs of a business today and tomorrow has created a unique springboard for growth potential.

Financial Advisors/RIAs

Our financial advisor clients tend to specialize in qualified plans, executive compensation, or business succession, but they look beyond their niche to the bigger picture and use one specialty to crack the door to a variety of new business opportunities.

The PT Services Group - Appointment Setting - Financial Advisors
The PT Services Group - Appointment Setting - Insurance Professionals

Insurance Professionals

We recognize that you may offer a variety of specialties—executive compensation, life insurance, business succession, property and casualty coverage—so we design our programs to highlight your unique expertise.

Managed Services Providers

The ultra-competitive nature of the MSP space means that most high-value clients already have an MSP solution. These lucrative prospects are unlikely to enter your sales funnel through traditional channels, but we can reach them for you.

The PT Services Group - Appointment Setting - Managed Service Providers

8 Questions That Lead to Sales

In our latest White Paper, “8 Questions That Lead to Sales,” The PT Services Group provides guidance on how asking questions that you help you and your prospects get to know each other better, can lead to better sales opportunities.

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