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Our appointment setting programs deliver qualified prospects. We specialize in helping Benefit Advisors grow their businesses through their health & welfare sales, as well as selling 401(K) and Qualified Plans. The PT Services Group is skilled at appointment setting leads for Benefit Advisors and welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can help to grow your pipeline.

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How PT Works with Benefits Advisors

As Benefits Advisors, you work to provide core benefits to organizations through group health insurance and qualified plans. The innovation you and your teams bring to the conversation help firms not only manage costs and responsibilities but also supports company goals including:

Attracting and retaining talent


a better coordination of support for both employees, HR departments, and ownership

Capitalizing on C-Suite opportunities

Protect people

Most importantly protecting the greatest company asset – their people

8 Questions That Lead to Sales

In our latest White Paper, “8 Questions That Lead to Sales,” The PT Services Group provides guidance on how asking questions that you help you and your prospects get to know each other better, can lead to better sales opportunities.

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Your Focus

Health & Welfare

It’s no surprise that the health & welfare industry has gone through significant changes in the last decade, and more change is on the way. Much of what we have seen has been a shift from advisors representing big insurers to a more innovative approach, where advisors act as consultants in the marketplace implementing dynamic solutions, like self-funding, collaboratives, and captives. Whether your approach is traditional, non-traditional, or perhaps a hybrid, we can deliver your message to your prospects.

Because health plans renew annually, for most companies it’s a frustrating and stressful event. With this in mind, we can develop your message in a way that helps to alleviate prospect concerns and create opportunities of engagement for you and your team.

401(K) & Qualified Plans

When it comes to selling Qualified Plans, such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s, Cash Balance plans, among many others, there are great opportunities for Benefits Advisors to assist clients in achieving goals. 

Helping prospects understand how Qualified Plans can be used to:

  • recruit and retain talent, 
  • help the C-suite expand retirement savings with non-traditional methods, 
  • maximize participant investment options through SDBA’s 
  • stay current with changing legislation coming from Washington D.C.

All the while ensuring that prospects and clients are meeting their fiduciary responsibilities and minimizing their fees.

These are excellent approaches to developing new conversations in this arena and we would be happy to help create this messaging for prospects.


Ready to take the next step towards growing your business? We’d love to start a conversation with you. Reach out to John Pojeta today.

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