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The insurance professionals we regularly work with are experts in a wide variety of specialties including executive compensation, life insurance, business succession, and surety bonds, as well as standard property and casualty coverage.

PT’s lead generation appointment setting programs for insurance agents can accelerate your ability to find and engage with qualified prospects.

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8 Questions That Lead to Sales

In our latest White Paper, “8 Questions That Lead to Sales,” The PT Services Group provides guidance on how asking questions that you help you and your prospects get to know each other better, can lead to better sales opportunities.

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Your Focus

Commercial Property and Casualty

Over the years, as commercia P&C coverage has become more of a commodity, agents have struggled to differentiate themselves, with similar products permeating the marketing, it can be difficult to stand out. Helping business owners assure their commercial coverage not only has an appropriate price point but will also provide the coverage needed when an event occurs gives you a powerful competitive advantage.

The field is an ever-changing landscape that provides great opportunity for agents to become viewed as a trusted consultant and not simply a provider of coverage. With more companies needing additional coverage, such as cyber insurance, insurance professionals are seeking to incorporate new elements into their plans.

Helping your clients to better understand the benefits of various types and levels of coverage and why they make sense for their company and their needs, helps to solidify your role as moe than a salesperson, but a valued resource.

In telling your story with your tone and culture, with an intent in scheduling appointments, PT creates not only engagement, but also brand recognition and community presence, thus creating greater awareness of your firm.

We will help you to develop opportunities that will help you get your market, brand, and community presence aligned by telling your story with your tone and culture, thus creating opportunities to help you grow.

Surety Bonds

The interest and need for Surety Bonds have continued to grow in recent years. This is an area of expertise that not all agents represent but can be a lucrative opportunity in the construction industry.

Through Surety Bonds Appointment Setting you can:

  • Help companies with a smaller bond increase it, creating opportunity for them to bid on larger projects, and
  • Determine the best types of coverage, available for the best prices.

Unlike other types of calls, such as Commercial P&C Coverage, conversations around Surety Bonds are much more opportunistic and less frequent. Companies receive many calls on their P&C Coverage that they view as an annual pain point, but do not receive many calls relating to their Surety Bond and new opportunities.

If this is an area that you are already involved in or perhaps, one you’d like to explore, we can help you to develop the resources, as well as provide access to qualified leads in the construction industry.

Executive Compensation Planning

Executive compensation is rich with prospects, as more business owners recognize the importance of planning for their present needs as well as for their future goals. As the potential returns on innovative approaches to wealth management and tax management becomes more well known, business owners are recognizing that they might be missing opportunities to maximize their gains and are open to conversations about how to realize that potential. Additionally, owners and managers are constantly seeking approaches to recruit and retain great talent in the highly competitive employment market.

When PT undertakes these conversations, we only set them with the owner of the company. We focus the conversation around minimizing tax burdens, options like 162 executive bonus plans, the ability to choose who participates in the plans, and other similar types of conversations.

Business Succession Planning

According to PwC’s 2021 US Family Business Survey, only one-third or about 34% of US family businesses have a robust, documented and communicated succession plan in place. This provides a lot of opportunity for conversations with business owners who are either struggling to implement a plan or have completely ignored the subject. It’s understandable, as this is a topic that comes with a lot of emotion. Because of that we approach these conversations transparently and with a respect for the emotions involved.

We are adept at being direct and pragmatic about the emotion involved and are committed to helping connect our clients with these business owners. We provide a solid approach for advisors to begin a sales process with qualified prospects, as well as an opportunity to share how they have helped other business owners overcome the challenges of one day no longer being a part of their business.


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