Vision, Mission & Guiding Principles A principle-driven, people-focused approach to business

Our Vision

To be nationally recognized as the premier provider of the most effective prospecting solutions.

Our Mission

To provide the highest-quality effective prospecting solutions as part of a superior client experience, to achieve sufficient profits to finance our future growth, to be a great place to work, and to contribute to the quality of life of people in our communities. We believe we will accomplish our mission and continuously improve our ability to serve our clients by fostering an environment which recognizes people as our greatest asset, enabling each of us to maximize our individual potential.

Our Guiding Principles

Responsibility |

Accountability, duty, dependability, reliability, trustworthiness

We at The PT Services Group feel a responsibility toward our employees, our clients, and our shareholders. We are responsible for providing employees with an atmosphere of teamwork, fairness, and involvement. We are committed to providing clients with exceptional value and a superior experience. We are accountable for our company’s growth and providing a reasonable return on investment for our shareholders.

Respect |

Admiration, esteem, value, regard

The PT Services Group is committed to respecting our employees, our clients, and our shareholders. We will only achieve this by respecting ourselves first, through abiding by the guiding principles of integrity, responsibility, and excellence. We are devoted to achieving our vision through these principles, which guide our actions every day.

Integrity |

Sincerity, truthfulness, honesty, candor, openness

The PT Services Group has a strong conviction to operate in an honest and honorable manner. We act with loyalty and integrity to employees and clients; they experience our commitment to performing in a truthful, fair, and sincere manner.

Excellence |

Quality, distinction, merit

The PT Services Group is committed to excellence. We believe in our principles and are proud to work toward achieving our vision.