Managed Service Providers

Our MSP appointment setting programs deliver qualified prospects to your sales team, giving them an opportunity to engage a consistent pipeline of meaningful opportunities. We’ll expand your reach into new markets and solidify your core clients.

We also work closely with specific industry marketing programs. We can build and clean your prospect lists, run call cadences, and perform the LinkedIn behaviors prescribed by marketing plans. We also have critical knowledge of proprietary software packages, which ensures your campaign runs smoothly and you capture all of our notes and activity directly.

Additionally, if you are interested in growing your business through acquisitions or mergers with other MSPs, we are here to help.

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How PT Works with MSP Clients

Whether you are seeking new clients who are forward-thinking in their approach to IT or who view technology as a tool to run their business, prospects want to know:

Your services will give them peace of mind

You will minimize their costs or ensure a more predictable budget

Your response will be quick when they have issues

Prospects who are more engaged in their IT needs will be interested in:

  • Can your technology be easily scaled to match their growth?
  • How does your downtime and automation measure up?
  • Are you early adopters of new technology and can you help your clients do the same?

How you position your services to meet those demands can include such services as

  • 24/7 tech support,
  • Email services,
  • Security Operations Centers (SOC),
  • Security assessments and recommendations,
  • Disaster recovery and restoration planning and implementation.

Additionally, many of our MSPs are either directly or indirectly offering cyber security coverage, another important service prospects are increasingly seeking.

8 Questions That Lead to Sales

In our latest White Paper, “8 Questions That Lead to Sales,” The PT Services Group provides guidance on how asking questions that you help you and your prospects get to know each other better, can lead to better sales opportunities.

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Your Focus

MSP Recruiting and Acquisitions

At PT, we believe there is significant opportunity for business growth through recruiting and acquisition that is considered daunting and frequently overlooked. We view this as a significant growth tactic, albeit one that can require some patience and guidance. This is a different type of conversation than those that salespeople have with prospects and clients. Talking peer-to-peer is certainly a different skill set. This is of particular interest in the MSP field as ongoing consolidations and mergers that are inundating the industry.

We will help with teaching you how to tell your story and how to engage in the first conversation.


Ready to take the next step towards growing your business? We’d love to start a conversation with you. Reach out to John Pojeta today.

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