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Executive compensation is rich with prospects as more business owners recognize the importance of planning for their present needs as well as for their futures. As the potential returns on innovative approaches to wealth management and tax liability becomes more well known, business owners are recognizing that they might be missing opportunities to maximize their gains and are open to conversations about how to realize that potential.

By engaging these business owners, financial advisors and insurance agents can grow their businesses, but generating new business is time-consuming and can distract you from the responsibilities that best utilize your expertise: working with current clients and prospective clients.

Webinars & Videos

The Top 7 Considerations

In this PT exclusive webinar, John talks about the best way to approach an appointment setting program, from your process for determining if it’s a fit for your business all the way through the best practices for integrating an appointment setting program into your sales pipeline.

Client Interview with Erika Bylund

In this preview for a full interview, John sits down with Erika Bylund, co-founder of Point Sur Wealth Management to talk about her past experiences with lead generation and appointment setting services and how those experiences compare with the results she has seen with the PT Services Group.

For the full interview and for other insights into sales and marketing, visit theptservicesgroup.com/university/

By Appointment Only with Jason Levy

Sometimes the best path forward is to pick up the phone and call your prospect or client instead of using email.

Beyond Referrals: The Keys to Building a Well-Rounded Sales Pipeline

Learn the secrets to creating explosive growth in your business with a specialized appointment setting program.

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B2B Sales Coaching

We provide complementary sales coaching to all PT clients, giving you the tools and support necessary to close these unique opportunities.

Business Intelligence Report

To prepare for your appointment, read the business intelligence report to better understand the prospect and their business.