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Competition among managed services providers is at an all-time high, but the demand from businesses for reliable, forward-thinking MSPs means that profit potential is high as well—if you can connect with the right prospects.

As the industry shifts to a more consultative approach, our MSP appointment setting programs deliver qualified prospects to your sales team, giving them a consistent pipeline of meaningful opportunities. Expand your reach, conquer new markets, and find more of your core clients.

Webinars & Videos

When Referrals Aren’t Enough

In this exclusive webinar, delivered in partnership with Barracuda, Brad Stoller lays out the key ingredients for a consistently successful pipeline. Along the way, he addresses the realities of referrals and provides insights for increasing your referral rate while also tapping into new sources of business.

MSP Interview

Darryl d’Aquin was the first MSP leader to join our pilot program for MSP appointment setting. He helped us to spearhead the best practices for the space. In this video, he talks with Brad Stoller to talk about how it has impacted his business and what others should know.

By Appointment Only with Jason Levy

Sometimes the best path forward is to pick up the phone and call your prospect or client instead of using email.

Beyond Referrals: The Keys to Building a Well-Rounded MSP Sales Pipeline

Learn the secrets to creating explosive growth in your business with a specialized appointment setting program.

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B2B Sales Coaching

We provide complementary sales coaching to all PT clients, giving you the tools and support necessary to close these unique opportunities.

Business Intelligence Report

To prepare for your appointment, read the business intelligence report to better understand the prospect and their business.