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The state universities in Ohio had recently hired a consulting firm from NY to evaluate their 403(b) options provided to staff and faculty of each institution.
The result was a reduction of plans available from 12 to 4. The option that was offered by Snider, Fuller and Stroh was no longer one of the 12. However, Snider, Fuller and Stroh was able to work with TIAA to be an advisor option for faculty and staff, use the TIAA investments and charge a fee for their advice and services.
Snider, Fuller and Stroh had about 45 days to reach out to all of the faculty and staff of Ohio U and offer their services and complete and submit the appropriate paperwork.

“Because PT secured 80 appointments we were able to bring 36 new or retained clients onboard by the deadline.”
-Mark Snider, CLU, CFP


PT Services was the solution!  By engaging with The PT Services Group, Snider, Fuller and Stroh had the people power to engage and filter through the staff and faculty open to a conversation about using SFS.

The PT Services Group quickly worked with Snider, Fuller and Stroh to acquire the list of faculty and staff, build the storyboard that we would use to engage, coordinate calendars, have Snider, Fuller and Stroh work directly with the callers and start calling.



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