PT Services Columbus Life: Appointment Setting

CL Logo CMYKThe PT Services Group is a Columbus Life vetted vendor and the trusted partner of numerous financial services and insurance industry professionals that rely on our programs to open the door to new business and new prospects.

Our clients recognize the necessity of growing their business beyond their current network but also realize that their time is best spent engaging current clients or potential prospects who want to talk to them about the services that they offer. Cold calling, generating leads, conducting market research—the process is too time consuming and ultimately distracts from the parts of the business that generate revenue.

With our appointment setting programs, you can avoid this pitfall. You can focus on servicing your existing clients and on meeting with potential prospects that are interested in talking with you about the services that you offer.

Build your pipeline for sales and for lead generation. Grow your business.

Contact John Pojeta (412-291-6685), our VP of Business Development, to find out how appointment setting can improve your business, or click here to learn more about our appointment setting programs.