CPA2: Appointment Setting

cpa2logoTake the next step: Maximize the return on your CPAinvestment.


You know the value of CPA alliances, and you know how to manage these unique relationships to generate referrals for your business. To capitalize on this opportunity, you need to connect with CPAs that meet your target criteria, but seeking out these opportunities will cost you valuable time, time that is better spent growing your business and servicing your clients.

With our CPA Alliances Program, we set the appointments for you.

We position our clients as owners or representatives of financial services firms who can help CPAs to better service their clients by providing additional expertise and resources in the areas of executive benefits, estate planning, and succession planning for business owners and high-net-worth individuals. This approach combined with our proven appointment setting methodology—that has our clients rating 83 percent of appointments as qualified or highly qualified—benefits your business by providing you with:

  • Qualified and verified face-to-face meetings with CPAs who are seeking partnerships with experienced financial services professionals
  • Meetings with CPAs wanting to better serve their clients while also increasing their revenues by providing insurance/financial services to their clients
  • Partnerships/alliances with CPAs to provide a pipeline of highly qualified referrals and the opportunity for high-growth revenue streams


To prepare you to succeed in this meeting, The PT Services Group provides a business intelligence report so that you can enter an appointment prepared and informed. Click the image to see the scope of information that we provide on these reports.

Connect with us or contact John Pojeta, our VP of Business Development, to discuss how our CPA Alliances Program can benefit your business.