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In this exclusive white paper, our VP of Business Development John Pojeta tackles the challenge of balancing pursuing explosive growth with protecting the dignity and reputation of your brand.

The sheer volume of bad marketing in the industry can lead you to believe that promoting yourself and your services is somehow sleazy or in poor taste. When you learn how to match your marketing tactics to the quality of the experience your clients get when they work with you directly, you unlock a new and powerful pipeline for growth.


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How to Market with Dignity

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We’ve faced this challenge dozens of times both in our own business and in the work we do with clients. In both cases, we have seen firsthand how critical it is to make marketing an extension of the core business experience. Any piece of marketing, whether it’s a television commercial or an appointment setting program, should stay true to the business it represents.

When those values align, the result is a pipeline full of qualified prospects. When the marketing doesn’t match the core business, the prospect feels it, and the opportunities for growth decline.

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How to Market with Dignity

For every injury attorney that flashes a check with a scrolling number and throws out a tagline in his commercial, there is one that instead uses airtime to talk about community causes and his client’s stories. Where one rehashes the bare minimum for a commercial, the other accepts that building relationships can take time and chooses instead to highlight his connection to the people he serves.

It’s the same tactic executed with very different approaches. One drips with marketing sleaze while the other is sincere and reflects positively on the brand behind it.

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