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By | August 15, 2023

Second appointments – are you struggling with them?

At PT, we advocate that first appointments should be a getting-to-know-you opportunity, where you listen to and ask many questions of your prospect. You should leave that first appointment with a better understanding of their needs and pain points.

You should also leave that first appointment with a second appointment scheduled.

Are you struggling to get that second appointment? Are you getting to the second meeting and finding that things fall apart? Maybe it’s something else going on in the first meeting. We’ve gathered some of our best tips to help with second appointments.

PT’s Vice President of New Business Development, John Pojeta, does a quick, daily video series called “PT Asks Dan.” Dan is Dan Hudock of Sandler Training, a seasoned sales professional and trainer. Part of PT’s services includes training sessions with Dan to ensure our clients are well-prepared to land new business successfully.

Here are ten of our best tips around second appointments.

If you find these videos helpful, connect with John on LinkedIn, where he drops a new tip every weekday!

  1. What are salespeople’s three most common mistakes during first and second appointments? What are the areas of opportunities for improvement? 

2. Are you struggling to keep the attention of your prospects? If you aren’t memorable, will the prospect even want a second appointment?

3. Is your sales process taking too long? Has the client’s pain gone away?

4. Are you making the client too comfortable? Are you talking too much?

5. Are you too anxious? Giving too much follow-up and not letting the process play out?

6. Is your sales process too complex?

7. Are you asking the correct questions?

8. Are you moving too quickly?

9. Are you closing?

10. Are you building trust with your prospects?


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