Making the Numbers Work: Unlocking the New Business Potential of CPA Alliances

By Brad Stoller | May 15, 2015

In this exclusive white paper, our CEO Harvey Pollack draws upon his decades of CPA and new business development experience to demystify CPA alliances for producers.

Partnerships with CPAs have long been praised for their potential to fill a pipeline with sales and referrals, but for many producers finding a CPA alliance strategy that is both practical and profitable has been difficult.


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Making the Numbers Work: Unlocking the New Business Potential of CPA Alliances

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With a structured CPA sales process in place, you can create meaningful partnerships with professionals already working with your target prospects. Even with the right process, however, we have found that producers often struggle to connect with the right CPAs, especially with their existing clients and prospecting strategies demanding much of their time.

Powered by an appointment setting program, your CPA alliance strategy can encompass multiple CPA firms, fueling your pipeline with high quality referrals. You can regularly meet with CPAs that meet your target criteria without taking attention away from other areas of your business.

Our services have provided a key source of new business for our clients, helping them to grow their business and build a pipeline for generating sales and referrals. Contact us to talk about your growth goals or start reading our white paper, Making the Numbers Work: Unlocking the New Business Potential of CPA Alliances, to learn more about CPA alliances and their potential for accelerating your new business efforts.


Making the Numbers Work: Unlocking the New Business Potential of CPA Alliances

In a market where one out of two CPAs will opt to offer financial services to remain competitive, you as a producer have the opportunity to capture this business, filling your pipeline with an additional stream of stream of sales and referrals. Our industry has long recognized the value of CPA alliances, but unlocking this potential has been so challenging that many producers have abandoned this course entirely.

In this white paper, we breakdown the realities of CPA alliances, looking at the relationship from both sides so that producers can better understand their CPA counterparts and build a profitable CPA alliance strategy.

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