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Beyond Referrals: The Keys to Building a Well-Rounded Sales Pipeline          
Growth can be gradual. Growth can be exponential. And growth can be explosive.

Think back to high school. You can probably recall going home for the summer and coming back in the fall to discover that one of your “little” classmates suddenly sprouted by a full foot, going from 5 ft nothing to 6 ft. He looked like he swallowed another person.

In terms of expanding your business with appointment setting, that’s the kind of growth we are talking about.

Referrals are a powerful source of new business opportunities. The recommendation from an existing client sets the stage for a successful client dynamic. The prospect enters the first conversation with a degree of comfort and trust in the services you offer because someone they trust vouched for the quality of your work. You will still go through the formalities of introducing yourself and the services you offer, but you get to skip the sometimes difficult process of taking a cold lead and initiating a completely new relationship.

In terms of generating new business, referrals are an essential piece of a profitable, well-rounded sales pipeline. Many producers, however, come to rely exclusively on referrals for growing their businesses. The rewards are significant, and the sales process is less demanding. We find that what separates the good from the great is an aggressive approach to initiating new relationships in areas that are not necessarily natural or comfortable.

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