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How We Work

The PT Services Group opens the door to new prospects and new business with industry‑leading appointment setting and data collection programs.  Learn a little more about how we work by watching the Learn About our Process Video.

Learn About Our Process

The PT Services Group - Appointment Setting - Benefits Advisors

We Open the Door to New Prospects

The PT Services Group opens the door to new prospects and new business with industry‑leading appointment setting and data collection programs.

Resources and Insights from PT Services

We regularly create content to help our clients succeed. Here are a few resources handpicked for you.

A Conversation About Healthcare Collaboratives with Bill Kite

Join us for a great conversation in the health care and benefits arena featuring Bill Kite, president of D & S Agency and recent board president of United Benefits Advisors. Bill offers candid thoughts about the challenges of the field and what may lay on the road ahead.


Business Acquisition as a Growth Strategy

John Pojeta from PT welcomes father/daughter team Ron and Ally Bland of AEIS Advisors in San Mateo, California. Ron and Ally share how their business has seen success in growth through acquisitions of other companies or books of business. Tune in to gain some insight that can help you in the new year.


Sales Biggest Hurdles – Apathy and Incumbency

PT welcomes a return from our friend and sales guru, Dan Hudock. Join John Pojeta, from PT, and Dan as they discuss the approaches to help overcome apathy while driving a wedge between the prospect and their current advisor.


Sales Tips for Today from Dan Hudock

Sales guru Dan Hudock and PT’s John Pojeta discuss some of the hurdles sales people are having these days –particularly as a result of the pandemic and the shift to virtual meetings.

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Be Memorable

As an advisor or a financial services professional, standing out in a crowded field can be a challenge. However, this is one area where we can truly work to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Be Memorable White Paper Download



What Can the 749 Teach Us?

In this blog post we look at a significant piece of WWII History and consider as an advisor what lessons you can learn from the 749.

What The 749 can teach us PT Services Blog


The PT Services Group - Appointment Setting - Managed Service Providers

Beyond Referrals: The Keys to Building a Well-Rounded Sales Pipeline

Learn the secrets to creating explosive growth in your business with a specialized appointment setting program.

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Connect with us today to learn how we can open new doors for your business, or contact Bob Zupanek, President, to discuss how The PT Services Group can benefit your business.

Bob ZupanekBob Zupanek


Bob oversees the day-to-day operations and the execution of The PT Services Group’s overall excellence and performance strategy. He leads the team in their efforts to provide the highest-quality effective prospecting solutions for insurance and financial services providers. Bob has 20+ years of operational management experience, including 18 years at The PT Services Group. Previously Bob worked for PNC Bank at the company’s National Financial Services Center, where was the Sales and Service Manager for its Outbound Call Center.

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