Client Success: A Whole Pie – Not Just a Slice

By | May 30, 2024


Setting appointments has been at the heart of The PT Services Group’s work for over thirty years. While we know that our clients work with us to grow their books of business through engaging new prospects, ensuring their success is just as important to us as setting appointments.

We’d like to give you a closer look at the services and resources we provide to position clients to close the appointments we set and have a smooth process. Appointment setting is a vital piece of what we do. However, we offer many services to augment and enhance our client’s business growth strategies and ensure their success working with PT.

These services fall into four categories: Calling, Closing Help, Marketing, and Support.


Day in and day out, our Business Development Representatives serve as the first introduction to our clients. They spend countless hours cold calling, representing our clients’ unique offerings and business differentiators, and working to set first appointments.

Additionally, we have team members who specialize in warm calling. They help to schedule second appointments, reset appointments that may not have met, and provide occasional add-on services.

Closing Help

Getting our clients’ foot in the door is just the beginning of their relationships with prospects. Meeting with cold appointments can be challenging, mainly when our clients are used to referrals and other types of meetings that are “warmer” by nature. So, we offer significant resources to prepare our clients for the unique nature of these appointments.

In particular, we deliver 2 core and vital actions to help better align our clients with the type of meeting they are walking into to improve outcomes.

First, we work with Dan Hudock, a sales coach with Sandler Training, who has developed training that addresses the specific challenges our clients will face in their appointments. All our clients complete a six-week sales course, which they may revisit anytime. Additionally, Dan is on call for guidance on specific challenges our clients may face.

In the Fall of 2023, we partnered with Crystal, a personality intelligence platform that provides significant insights into prospects’ personalities and habits before meeting. We are able to provide, approximately 80% of the time, a full personality profile for the prospects our clients will be meeting for their appointments. These personality profiles are a potent tool that can help you understand how best to sell to someone. We’ve been sharing them with our clients for about six months and have received highly positive feedback about their efficacy.

Another way that we help clients close business is through process transparency and improvement. This comes in the form of CRM and pipeline management. While we frequently operate out of our own proprietary CRM, we are adept at working in various CRMs, including Hubspot, SalesForce, Contact Science, KEAP, and others. This can be a particularly effective way to manage and track your pipeline. Regardless of what CRM we use, our client success team will work with our clients to shine a spotlight on ROI status, what needs to improve on either side of the partnership, and how PT can support your ongoing efforts.

The most attractive aspect of the closing help we provide is that these generally come with our traditional calling campaigns, meaning there are no additional costs associated with these enhancements.

Marketing & Education

We believe that Brand Development and Content Marketing strategies can be a highly effective method of connecting with clients’ desired audiences. Content Marketing is a strategy that feels very different from traditional marketing mediums and selling collateral. It’s not brochures that list product and service features, and it’s not a blog post about how you and your company saved the day by putting together a great offering to a client (even though that may VERY WELL be the case!).

Content Marketing generally includes blog posts, white papers, podcasts, videos, eBooks, video series, infographics, e-newsletters, social media posts, drip campaigns, listicles, and more.

At PT, we recently launched a new offering, Studio PT, which provides custom content marketing solutions. Many of our clients find it challenging to set aside time to create excellent content unique to their brand and to consistently manage their LinkedIn profiles. That’s where Studio PT comes into play. We can handle these challenges on behalf of our clients.

In addition to the content marketing we undertake for our clients, we’ve successfully employed our own content marketing for over a decade. Our content marketing has focused on educational topics around sales tips and techniques, growth opportunities, and introductions to new technologies & tools to help our clients succeed. These tactics include a daily video series called PT Asks…, regular white papers that look more deeply at specific topics, and interactive, engaging webinars that address current opportunities.

Additional Supports

There always seems to be some miscellaneous category that just covers everything else!

List Cleaning is another service we provide to clients. When clients offer their call lists, they are often not always clean or up-to-date. This can drain client resources and waste time for our Business Development Representatives. To improve this process, PT can assist with cleaning the list to ensure the best accuracy rates possible.

And then…there is just everything else…frequently clients have a unique calling program or offering where we can provide support by employing other unique and successful approaches. Sometimes, it’s a one-off approach, but we can help our clients move the needle through creative thinking and utilizing different tools.

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John Pojeta

John Pojeta - Vice President of Business Development

John researches new types of business and manages and initiates strategic, corporate-level relationships to expand exposure for The PT Services Group. John came to The PT Services Group in 2011. Before that, he owned and operated an Ameriprise Financial Services franchise for 16 years.

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