Columbus Life: Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence from The PT Services Group is superior to traditional lead generation.


A business intelligence program is ideal for a producer with the resources in place to follow up on leads and set appointments. If you prefer to have your appointments set for you, our appointment setting program may better suit your needs.

Telemarketing has become ubiquitous, businesses are quick to ignore cold calls, and unsolicited proposals that are not presented professionally alienate potential prospects. But you need new business opportunities to continue growing. You’ve exhausted your referral network, and you do not have time to prospect on your own. If traditional lead generation is not the answer, what is?

Business intelligence from The PT Services Group provides financial services and insurance professionals with actionable information about potential customers and clients. Our sales associates voice-verify all of the data that you want and need to know about a prospect to be successful and deliver it to you in a business intelligence report. With the information in hand, the construction of a pipeline for lead generation and sales can begin.

To learn more about how business intelligence can benefit you, explore the program that best matches your target market:

If you have additional questions or inquiries, contact John Pojeta (412-291-6685), our VP of Business Development, or click here to learn more about our business intelligence program.