3 Essential Pieces of Your Storyboard

By | February 24, 2014

When we partner with producers, one of the first steps in our process is to establish a storyboard that represents who they are, what they do, and what makes them different from their competition. For us, having this storyboard is essential for generating new business for the producers that hire us. It provides a consistent, engaging narrative that we can use to spark the interest of potential prospects. We have found this process to be so successful that it has become a core part of how we generate new business for clients.

Storyboarding, however, offers benefits that extend beyond appointment setting programs. The same messaging that is powerful in a sales call should be replicated across the firm to reinforce its efficacy. In addition to the way you approach sales, your storyboard should impact your website, materials, advertisements, and the way your entire firm communicates, from CEO to receptionist. In our own work with storyboarding for producers, we have found certain elements to be particularly important.

Whether you are revising an existing storyboard or starting from scratch, look to address the following:
• Specialties
• Designations
• What makes you different (specifically)
• A forward-thinking approach
• Case studies
• References
• Transparency and clarity

To help you get started, we’ve provided a simplified outline of the storyboard we use for new business calls. By following this model, you can re-purpose and reproduce the key points from your storyboard to bring consistency to your messaging, which is essential to your long term success. Your website may not address this content in the same order as your sales pitch, but presenting the same information with a similar delivery will help to unify your efforts.

  1. Company and Producer Information. Succinctly define your firm’s background, including their size, location, and the types of clients it typically serves. Individual producers should do the same to highlight their experience, qualifications, and specialties.
  2. Specialties and Services. Be specific about and detailed about your services and the clients that you typically work with. This is an opportunity to differentiate yourself for the pack and to demonstrate why you are the best fit for your target market. From this material, prospects should be able to identify your “edge.”
  3. Case Studies. Case studies present an opportunity to present in clear terms exactly what you can do for a prospect by talking about work that you have already done. Have a one sentence version as well as a lengthier, more detailed version prepared.

I hope this helps you with your new business efforts. If you’d like help developing your storyboard, please don’t hesitate to give me a call to talk about your goals, your challenges, and your work:  John@ThePTServicesGroup.com  |  412.291.6685

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