A 24-Year Veteran Almost Gives-Up on Appointment Setting

By | March 6, 2013

Smart phone and laptopWith a schedule packed with existing clients, Chase—a health and welfare specialist—had little time to devote to prospecting, but he knew that he needed new clients to grow his business. To make the most of his time, he began using appointment setting and lead generation service. Frustratingly, he found that the prospects had been oversold or did not meet his target criteria.

“The quality was not good. The purpose of the appointment was not always clear to the prospect,” Chase said.

He knew that he needed a way to generate new business that did not cost him valuable time, but he began to feel as though appointment setting was not the answer.

After meeting The PT Services Group at a United Benefit Advisors (UBA) meeting, however, Chase saw a different side of new business generation, and he seized the opportunity to have The PT Services Group handle his appointment setting programs.

The PT Services Group, unlike the other companies Chase had worked with, presented themselves as partners, as an extension of his business, which set the tone for the rest of their relationship. Together, they developed criteria for identifying potential prospects and crafted a script that accurately reflected Chase and his business.

“I appreciate the professionalism of the callers, which I see in the comments I get from potential prospects,” Chase said. “They ask the tough questions, and I have a good feel for what I am getting into before I go.”

Eight months later, Chase viewed The PT Services Group as an integral component of his success.

“Everything with [The PT Services Group] has been really clear, before I even go out there,” Chase said. “We started the program in late summer, and we currently uncovered a nice lead in November that will pay for half of the expenditure in the first year.”

Chase also noted that The PT Services Group helped him to uncover a second client that will pay for the other half of his expenditure, and that estimate does not include referrals or sales that may came from long-term relationship building. Because of this, Chase has already covered his cost of investment with The PT Services Group, and he is pleased with the company’s effort, so pleased that he increased his investment by 50 percent.

“The success that we’re having in getting appointments in an area that we are very motivated right now, employees that do not have health insurance and are over 50,” Chase said. “I knew I had to strike while the iron was hot.”

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John Pojeta

John Pojeta - Vice President of Business Development

John researches new types of business and manages and initiates strategic, corporate-level relationships to expand exposure for The PT Services Group. John came to The PT Services Group in 2011. Before that, he owned and operated an Ameriprise Financial Services franchise for 16 years.

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