Employee Benefits Consultant Struggles to Grow Business

By | March 3, 2013

Justin, like most successful employee benefits consultants, encountered a frustrating business challenge about seven years ago: his client list had grown so large that he had little time to prospect.

Any time that he dedicated to generating new business detracted from his ability to manage his existing business. His success locked him in and stalled his ability to grow, an unusual situation to most business professionals but an all-too-common predicament for insurance and financial services professionals.

Realizing that splitting his attention between servicing current clients and finding new ones was not only impractical but financially costly, Justin experimented with appointment setting and lead generation services.

“The experience was not good,” Justin said. “I found out that these services were more concerned with setting appointments to get my money than they were in helping my business. In some cases, they outright lied to prospects to get them to agree to a meeting.”

Justin had all but given up on appointment setting until National Financial Partners (NFP) recommended The PT Services Group. Soon, he was on the phone with Bob Zupanek, the Vice President of Operations at The PT Services Group.

“We had a series of phone calls, and talked options,” Justin said. “[The PT Services Group] worked with me to identify my target market and to customize a script for their sales associates to use when they made calls. No other company had done those things for me.PT made sure that they were representing me the way I wanted to be represented and that they were setting appointments with the types of businesses that I wanted.”

In a few months, Justin’s new commission paid for the cost of his appointment setting program with The PT Services Group. Six years later, Justin continues to focus on existing clients and potential prospects, and he relies on The PT Services Group to open the doors to new business.

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