CPA Partnerships Appointment Setting Program Announced

By | April 6, 2010


PT Marketing announces the CPA Partnerships Appointment Setting Program. The program introduces Financial Services and Insurance Professionals to CPAs who have interest in forming strategic alliances to better serve their clients.

cpaPITTSBURGH, PA (April 6, 2010) – PT Marketing will offer the CPA Partnerships Appointment Setting Program to financial services and insurance professionals.  This program is offered on a limited-time basis over the summer months and is designed to introduce members of the financial services industry to small and medium-sized CPA firms that are interested in creating strategic alliances to offer more products and services to their clients.

“For the past 3 summers, I have had great success with PT Marketing’s CPA Partnerships Appointment Setting Program,” stated Liz Sampson, CFP, CLU, ChFC, PT client since 2006.  “One of the most effective means to growing your financial services practice is creating a strategic partnership with a CPA, which is why PT Marketing has become an essential component of my annual marketing plan.”

Historically, CPA firms existed almost exclusively to provide accounting, auditing and general tax services.  In today’s market, successful CPA firms have learned they must offer more than the basics to satisfy the needs of their clients.  If CPAs are concerned with helping clients meet their goals of wealth growth and preservation, they will have to offer many of the products that financial services and insurance professionals specialize in.

Harvey Pollack, PT’s CEO, added, “As a former CPA myself, I understand that by creating these alliances, CPAs are able to offer additional services while forming a stronger bond with their clients and generating more revenue for their firm.  These alliances are successful for all parties involved.”

In addition to the CPA Partnerships Appointment Setting Program, PT’s various programs are designed to schedule appointments with business owners and key decision makers regarding executive compensation, business succession, property & casualty, 401K plans and employee benefits.

PT Marketing provides advanced prospecting solutions exclusively for the financial services and insurance industry. These solutions are designed to build sales pipelines of qualified prospects by setting meetings solely with business owners or those involved in the decision-making process. Since 1992, PT has served nearly 1,000 insurance/financial services clients.  For more information, contact John Pojeta or visit


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