B2B Prospecting Webinar: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

By | March 20, 2021

When prospecting in the B2B space for new financial and insurance clients it often feels like searching for a needle in a stack of needles.  Not only are you looking for certain criteria such as a qualified plan with $X assets or group health coverage with a minimum number of Y participants, you also need an appropriate decision maker with great expectations as to the purpose of an appointment.  For many advisors, finding the time to sort through the stack of needles or being able to separate the “Wheat from the chaff” is daunting and frustrating, so they give up.  For some the difficulty is amplified with virtual appointments.  Join me for a fast paced 30 minutes to understand the keys to finding the wheat and how PT can help – directly and indirectly.  Remember, growth drives opportunity and client acquisition drives growth!

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About the Author/Host

John Pojeta

John Pojeta - Vice President of Business Development

John researches new types of business and manages and initiates strategic, corporate-level relationships to expand exposure for The PT Services Group. John came to The PT Services Group in 2011. Before that, he owned and operated an Ameriprise Financial Services franchise for 16 years.

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