Different Definitely Matters

By | July 16, 2018

In this exclusive whitepaper, John Pojeta, our VP of Business Development, pulls back the curtain on an in-house philosophy and approach we have spent years developing.

When big sales are at stake and the space is ultra-competitive, how do you rise above? How do you stand out and catch the attention of key decision-makers? With our work in appointment setting—calling on behalf of many of the nation’s top advisors—we have had the unique opportunity to test, refine, and hone a proven approach for communicating what makes you different.


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High-value prospects routinely field calls and inquiries from advisors, and the majority of those initial conversations sound exactly the same to the prospect. When you are distinctly different, prospects will notice, giving you the opportunity to continue that momentum into the sale.

The charge to be different is sound business advice, but too often that advice is not followed by suggestions as to how you can be different. This white paper aims to correct that, giving you specific actionable suggestions that will help you communicate why you are different from your competitors and do so in a way that elevates the whole of your sales process, and to do so in a way that is sincerely genuine, matching who you are and what you want your work to represent.

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Free White Paper

Download Different Definitely Matters

About the Author/Host

John Pojeta

John Pojeta - Vice President of Business Development

John researches new types of business and manages and initiates strategic, corporate-level relationships to expand exposure for The PT Services Group. John came to The PT Services Group in 2011. Before that, he owned and operated an Ameriprise Financial Services franchise for 16 years.

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