Data Collection Wins Insurance Marketing Director Promotion

By | March 3, 2013

Darryl was a Marketing Director for a major insurance provider.

His division focused primarily on selling insurance plans to businesses and relied more and more on data gathering and database optimization to identify potential sales leads. Darryl was doing well. He met his sales goals and kept his region in the green. Darryl, however, wanted more.

He was driven, motivated. He wanted to far surpass the expectations of his superiors so that he could rise higher in the company and take on more responsibility and greater challenges.

He needed a win that would set him and his division apart.

Darryl’s region, like most regions in the company, had a database of names and phone numbers hobbled together from various programs, but unlike the other databases that Darryl’s team used to generate sales on a daily basis, this database was mostly unusable.

Containing only names and phone numbers, Darryl’s team did not have enough business intelligence to begin warming any of the leads. His team needed to know if the names and phone numbers were up to date and if the businesses were still active. They needed to know how many employees they had, where they were located, and what they did. They also needed the contact information of a decision-maker, a C-Level member of the company that could make the call to use a different insurance provider.

Darryl knew that this database was valuable, that these thousands and thousands of businesses could become potential customers if he had the right business intelligence for each name and number. He tried outsourcing the project to telemarketing firms, but those efforts failed. The database remained unprofitable.

While at lunch with a friend from another company, a Regional Marketing Manager named Eric, Darryl voiced his frustrations with the unused database.

“If I just knew more about the contacts, they could be usable leads. There are so many of them that some of them have to be homerun sales,” he said.

“What sort of information do you need to know?” Eric asked.


When Darryl explained, Eric smiled. Eric reached into his briefcase and removed a Business Intelligence Report from The PT Services Group.

“Something like that?” Eric asked.

Darryl nodded, his eyes fixed on the paper.

“I’ve been using these guys for appointment setting for years. They bring me a set of pre-qualified leads, and all I have to do is close the deal. Maybe they could help?”

And we did. When Darryl contacted The PT Services Group, we assessed his needs and developed a customized business intelligence gathering program for his company. Our highly trained staff—veteran professionals themselves with extensive experience interacting with C-Level executives—broke through the screens that blocked the telemarketing firms to gather all of the data that Darryl requested.

Twenty thousand voice-verified entries later, Darryl’s initiative to contact The PT Services Group brought success to his division and caught the attention of the company. Divisions from across the nation adopted The PT Services Group’s program, making Darryl the flag bearer for a new, company-wide movement that eventually reached headquarters. Because Darryl invested in The PT Services Group and because he had the mettle to push himself and his team, he earned a promotion, and his professional growth continues today.


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