The Importance of Building Your Personal Brand for Success

By | February 10, 2013

As more businesses look into changing their health insurance options, you may find that the number of potential prospects that you identify increases. You also can be sure that the competition for health insurance products is stiff.

Having an exclusive, voice-verified business intelligence report is a great start, but how do you stand out to the decision maker? What is unique about you, when other health insurance sales professionals are offering a similar product?

Experts recommend that you build your personal brand. Your personal brand is separate from your company’s brand. It is up to you to build this brand for yourself. The best way is to position yourself as a recognized expert in your field.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Blog about what you have to offer: Most decision makers perform research on their own for a big purchase like a group health insurance plan. Today, most of that research is conducted online.

There are a growing number of online sites where professionals can contribute articles. Write as an advisor, not as a salesperson. Present only useful information, without sales pitches attached. If you are perceived as a resource, it can strengthen your reputation as a great salesperson.

Issue a Press Release: Press releases are not just reserved for product launches. Find a newsworthy angle and distribute your release to as many outlets as possible. There still are a few good free press release sites that can get your news to all the right people.

Offer a Seminar: An in-person or web seminar is another great way to position yourself as a useful expert in your field. Experts suggest picking a “pain point” that will resonate with your target audience. Base your seminar on how the “pain point” can be eliminated.

Get Social: While it is a popular site, Facebook is not the best place for you to build your personal brand as an insurance salesperson and expert. LinkedIn is a different story, because a growing number of professionals use the site for everything from hiring vendors to researching major purchasing decisions. Building a complete LinkedIn profile and strong network is a must for any insurance sales professional.

When you face competition, stand out with your personal brand.

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