Webinar: How Your Business Can Stand Out

By Brad Stoller | August 29, 2018

Competition is at an all-time high in most industries, and this is especially true in the MSP space. In this webinar, Brad Stoller shares how top MSPs are using marketing and sales to differentiate themselves in crowded markets to land their ideal clients. From research to execution, Brad dives deep into what you can do to overhaul your sales pipeline.

As the industry shifts to a more consultative approach, our MSP appointment setting programs deliver qualified prospects to your sales team, giving them a consistent pipeline of meaningful opportunities. Expand your reach, conquer new markets, and find more of your core clients.

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About the Author

Brad Stoller

Brad Stoller - National Director of Business Development

Brad is responsible for helping prospective clients understand PT and our appointment setting capabilities through a consultative approach. Before joining The PT Services Group, Brad was a State Farm agency owner, providing insurance and financial services solutions. Over the years, he has been a serial entrepreneur, building and developing businesses in real estate and marketing.

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