Tips for Keeping Stress at Bay as an Insurance Sales Professional

By | February 10, 2013

Insurance sales professionals know there is plenty of stress attached to the job. Each day brings an increasing number of competitors and rejections. Add to that the pressure to building a pipeline for lead generation and sales and it is not too difficult to understand where the stress comes from. There are a few proven ways to reduce that stress:

  1. Start Your Day the Right Way: Get into the habit of arriving at the office a little earlier and giving yourself the chance to ease into your day, reading through emails with a nice big cup of coffee. Set up your schedule for the day without the phone constantly interrupting you. This is a great way to set a positive tone that will carry on throughout the rest of your day.
  2. End the Lead Generation Game: If you spend a lot of your time trying to dream up techniques to generate new insurance leads, that takes away time from actually selling. There are many ideas out there for generating “free” leads, but they are hit-and-miss. They also are not truly “free.” Every hour you spend sifting through mailing lists is an hour you could have been doing what you do best – selling. Take a different approach: rely on business intelligence instead of leads to alleviate stress. You free your time and reduce the number of rejections. Business intelligence provides you with actionable, voice-verified information on potential prospects, allowing you to skip right to making contact and working to set an appointment.
  3. Keep Your Eye on the Prize: When a prospect you have worked with for weeks suddenly decides to go with your competition, it is frustrating.  Overcome the negativity by keeping your eye on the prize at all times – whether that prize is meeting specific sales targets or taking a vacation.

Overall, the best way to reduce stress associated with a career as an insurance or financial sales professional is to set yourself up to succeed. By relying on business intelligence, you are already one step in the right direction.

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