Prove You Are Worth It – Dealing with Pricing Objections

By | February 10, 2013

As an insurance or financial sales professional, your job is to get the prospect to pick you. With so many different health care packages out there today, it is likely that many of the qualified insurance leads you meet with have already been pitched a cheaper alternative.

So how can you demonstrate the true value of the health insurance packages you are offering and avoid losing out to these cut price brokers? Here are a few tips:

Put Your Best Poker Face Forward

When the conversation moves to pricing, present yours with confidence and authority – never apologize or display nervousness about how your prospect might respond to those bottom-line figures. The insurance and financial sales prospects you deal with are a savvy bunch – they pick up on these signals and will immediately assume that if the salesperson is not confident about the products, there must be something wrong with them. If every aspect of your presentation is confident, you convey the impression that yes, you know what you are talking about and yes, the packages being proposed are worth every penny.

Present the Whole Package

Once you have your exclusive and qualified insurance lead in front of you, you begin to present your options that most closely meet their needs. In order to close the sale over bargain-basement brokers, you need to let your prospect know that what they will get with you is a lot more than someone who submits paperwork. Review, point-by-point, each way that you make their job easier. Point out what a valuable resource you are, how much information you can provide them with and your availability to answer questions. By presenting yourself as their new partner in business, rather than a salesman who disappears after the check is cashed, you have won half the battle.

Acknowledge the Elephant in the Room

You are in the middle of your sales pitch. Your prospect is listening, responding and asking questions. But that cheaper plan is still lingering. Neither of you are bringing it up but that “cheap plan” is on everyone’s mind. Break the tension by acknowledging it. When you let your prospect know that you are aware that your competitor has cheaper offerings than yours, you do yourself a huge favor. You are essentially telling the prospect that the competitor doesn’t worry you, because you are confident that what you have to offer is superior. You will help the prospect make sense of your pricing. In many cases, you end up leaving them feeling that by going with you they are getting the best deal of all.

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