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Break Free from Pandemic Barriers

Blog Post – How To Break Free From Pandemic Barriers And Get Sales Leads

Published on Insurance NewsNet By Ayo Mseka  With the pandemic still making it difficult for many advisors to meet frequently with prospects face-to-face, many of them are looking for methods…

PT Services Group Asks Dan H

Podcast – PT Asks Dan

Last month, PT launched a new, daily video series – PT Asks Dan, with our resident sales guru, Dan Hudock. In these 2-3 minute videos PT’s John Pojeta asks Dan…

PT Services B2B Cold Appointment First Date

Blog Post – How Cold Appointments Are Like A First Date

Cold appointments are challenging, even for seasoned advisors. The challenge is especially acute for advisors who have spent years building their business on referrals. Although they’ve amassed a wealth of…

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